Our Honorary Life members

Honorary Life Membership is an honour that the club can bestow on those that have made significant contribution to the club over a number of years. This can include coaching, administrative & support activities and will usually encompass a significant time span with the club. This title bestows upon the recipient all the rights of members, without the obligation of having to pay annual fees.

Suki Fong 

Suki Fong 2

  • Suki has been involved with the Flying Kukris for longer than any of the current kids in the club! She was also instrumental in starting girls’ rugby in HK and worked closely with Ruth Mitchel on this. 
  • Suki has coached, been head of girls rugby at FK, & been instrumental in setting up HKS Kukris.
  • Suki was made a life member in 2003

Sara Bosco2013 Sara Bosco

  • Virtually every kid in the club currently, if they started at U6, will have had Sara as a coach. She has been an absolute stalwart in encouraging and introducing kids to rugby. Sara is a former HKMRFU Coach of the year, club secretary & current sponsor having now finally got a shirt she wants to wear! 
  • Sara was made a Honoary Life Member in 2015

Paul Renouf

Paul Renouf 2

  • Paul has been a major contributor to HK rugby both through FK & the HKRFU where he coached U19s.
  • Paul has been a coach, Head of Minis & Chairman of the Club 
  • Paul was made a Honoary Life Member in 2015.

Andrew (Robbo) Robertson

 2013 Robbo Robertson

  • Robbo is another star of Flying Kukris and a great proponent of girls rugby. Instrumental in the formation of the senior ladies team HKS Kukris Robbo has tirelessly worked to ensure this has been a great success.
  • Former Head of Minis, Head of Girls & Head of Youth & Club Chairman now Robbo continues his service to the club as Head of Senior rugby.
  • Robbo was made a Honoary Life Member in 2015.

Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart 2016

  • Ian served as Club Chairman from 2010 to 2016 - our longest ever serving Chairman.
  • Throughout this time Ian dedicated himself to building, strengthening and securing the Club and has left behind a fantastic and secure legacy on which to move forward and build further..
  • Ian will remain closely associated with the Club in future years.
  • Ian was made a Honoary Life Member in 2016.