Lineout 3v3

Lineout 3 v 3

By Dan Cottrell and Jason Lewis, WRU Coaching Development Manager, head coach of the Welsh Women's team

This is a training game from The Lineout and How to Win It manual. It's designed to help you build better coordination in your lineout pods. It's a complementary practice, working both attack and defence.

The practice

  • Two "pods" (each with two lifters and one jumper) work against each other, with a hooker throwing in to create a jumping and lifting contest for the ball.
  • The hooker works with one attacking pod for five throws while the other pod defends.
  • The pods must stand next to each other, forcing a straight jumping and lifting contest.
  • The challenge is to beat the other pod into the air for the ball.


The hooker then swaps over to work with the other pod and the roles reverse.

What to call out

No triggers. Don't give your jump away.

Be dynamic but don't rush.

Read the opposition. What's their body language telling you?


Allow the pods to move forwards, backwards or both to find a free jump. The challenge here is to be quicker on the ground and faster into the air.

Top tip

Competition is great for this activity. Keep a count of the success on the five throws. Make sure that for every ball, the defence steal, they also steal that point. See who gets the most points out of the 10 throws.


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