Full lineout defence

Full lineout defence

By Dan Cottrell and Jason Lewis, WRU Coaching Development Manager, head coach of the Welsh Women's team

This lineout defence can be used anyway on the field. It is particularly useful against expected throws to the front or middle of the line.

Why it works

It allows jumping units to challenge at the front and middle of the lineout. These are key areas for the attacking side to win the ball.

It works from any field position, particularly in the opposition half when the opposition are calling more front and middle ball options.

Good if you have

An opposition hooker who can't throw to the back.

An opposition with only two jumping options in the lineout.

Common mistakes

Failing to jump because of uncertainty about where to take jump cues from.

Being exposed to a front lob. Your players must be prepared to drop the middle jumper back a metre to assist movement at the front.

Think about

Compressing or extending the line to vary the players' positions slightly. This changes the picture for the opposition, which makes their calling more difficult.

7 isn't in the lineout but is playing as the scrum half, so must stand off the line of touch.

The move

Stage 1: The set up


9 stands in the 5m area, 2 acts as another lifter and 7 stands at the back in the receiver position ready to cover the backline.

Stage 2: Movement


Two pods match the opposition at the very front and middle of the lineout.

Stage 3: The jumps and lifts


If the opposition win the ball and pass it out to the backs, 8 and 7 leave the lineout to pressure their backline.


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