Front on tackle footwork

Front on tackle footwork

From Rugby Coach Weekly

Getting into the right position

The key to an effective front on tackle is to get into the right position to make the hit.

  • The tackler needs to work hard to get square on, right in front of the ball carrier.
  • The tackler has to keep moving forward and slow down as he approaches.
  • This allows the tackler to move sideways as necessary to stay in front of the ball carrier.

Good technique

  • The tackler is directly in front of the ball carrier.
  • The tackler's feet are underneath his body and his weight is forward.
  • The tackler's head is up and his back is straight.
  • The tackler hits with his shoulder and can now accelerate through the tackle.


Poor technique

  • The tackler plants his feet to the side of the ball carrier.
  • The tackler has to reach for the ball carrier and therefore makes contact with his arm.
  • The tackler goes off his feet while the ball carrier is still standing.
  • The tackler is unable to get any power through the tackle. The ball carrier is therefore in a good position to pass the ball away or even break the tackle.



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