Midweek Fitness Training

Abby De Beer has kindly offered to run a fitness programme for colts over the summer. 

This is  for all colts, both boys and girls and includes those U12 going up to colts in the season starting in September.

It will commence on:

Wednesday 1 June at 1800 at RCHK. 

A letter from Abby follows giving more details

Hi all, 

Thanks to the efforts of David Holden, we’ve managed to secure a Wednesday evening slot at RCHK for weekly fitness training.  The sessions will run from 6 – 7pm.  Please bring water, a towel and a good sense of humor.  I ask that you make every effort to be there at least 5 minutes before we start so you get the most out of you training.  If you’re grumpy, stay at home or go the gym!

Rugby players need varying amounts of strength, power, endurance, speed and agility. There are few team sports that require such a diverse and comprehensive range of physical attributes. For our players to be truly rugby ready for next season - basic functional competence must be in place. For example, they must develop a good general base in terms of strength, stability, mobility and endurance as a platform on which to build enhanced speed and power qualities.

The game has changed so much over the last few years – forwards are no longer just big, slow, pushing machines and backs have to do more than just wait for the ball and run in tries but must be able to compete physically with all the players on the pitch. Each player has to be fit (and strong) enough to battle up and down the pitch usually at an insanely fast pace.

Rugby players need the following fitness attributes:


Over the next 12 weeks, my pre-season plan is based on expert guidelines from the World Rugby Union and BokSmart Rugby (South Africa).

Here is a basic breakdown of what I plan to work on with the athletes:


Develop Aerobic performance

Develop Anaerobic performance

Strength Endurance

Speed – emphasis on technique

Core Stability

Volume HIGH

Intensity LOW


Develop Aerobic performance

Develop Anaerobic performance

Max Strength

Speed – emphasis again on technique

Core Stability and Strength

Volume and Intensity MEDIUM


Maintain Aerobic performance

Develop Anaerobic performance

Strength - Rate of Force Development (Ballistic and Plyometric)

Speed – Top Speed

Core Stability, Strength and Endurance

Volume - LOW

Intensity - MEDIUM

While I don’t believe that once a week is enough, it’s a good starting point and if you can motivate your kids/players/friends to do the once a week training, maybe they can do some home training too!  There are lot’s of great home training workouts specifically for pre-season training, contact me and I’ll send you some links if you are interested. 

I’d like to set up a what’s app group for the fitness training, so if you’re interested in attending, please message me with your name, telephone number and age so I can add you to the group.  This what’s app group will be for fitness related info only.  My number is 69022250.

Coaches, parents and anyone wanting to get fit for the new season are welcome to join this group.


·      RCHK is located outside Heng On Station, on the MTR Ma On Shan Line. Take Exit A for the subway link into the campus.

·      The bus routes are 43X, 81C, 85K, 89C and 681P.

·       The mini-bus routes are 801, FoTan to Yiu On; 807A, University MTR Station to Ma On Shan Town Centre; and 810, Sha Tin Central to Ma On Shan. All stop at Vista Paradiso, adjacent to the school.

Yours in health and fitness,

Abby J

A little about me for those of you that are wondering who the heck I am!

My professional qualifications are:

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 & CrossFit Kids Instructor

TRX Instructor

Turbulence Training Instructor (Bodyweight)

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist

Fitness Nutrition Specialist (Exercise & Nutrition Works Inc.)

Antigravity Yoga Instructor (Level 1)

BAA (EMT-Basic) South Africa

Emergency First Response Instructor (Primary & Secondary Care / AED / Care for Children)

ICIS Level-3 (HKRU)

In 2009 I opened an ran my own outdoor Bootcamp company called Impact Fitness Hong Kong for a few years.  My client base was varied and I had around 120 clients a week.  I sold this business and moved back to South Africa with my children where I opened and ran CrossFit Grahamstown.   I sold this business last April and moved back to Hong Kong in October as my husband’s full time job is in Hong Kong.

Last year after I sold my CrossFit gym, I certified as a BAA (in South Africa this is the equivalent to an EMT-Basic).  When I moved back to Hong Kong in 2015, I also did my Immediate Care In Sport Level-3 with the HKRU and have recently certified as a EFR (Emergency First Response Instructor).

At the moment, I’m volunteering for the Flying Kukris Rugby Football Club as the head of First Aid and I’m a pitch side Medic (volunteer) for the HKRU. 

On a personal level, I’m also training for Ironman South Africa 2017 (I have completed it twice before) so I know the importance of endurance training.  When I trained for my first Ironman in 2010, I lost 27kgs which was not only transformational for my body, it also made me realize what an amazing gift health fitness are.  If I can help just one person by sending them home feeling better than when they arrived at the fitness session then I’ve done my job J.

Have a great day.



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