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Team News (22-Sep-16)

The first official training of 2016/17 season kicked off at EdUHK on 4-Sep-16; although we did manage to get most of the girls out of their beds for an early pre-season warm up at Gold Coast Beach on 28-Aug-16. Thanks to all those that made it, we had a huge amount of fun with many players re-uniting and re-bonding with former teammates from U9/10G days.

We’ve now got 17 players signed up for the team which is fantastic and I’m already loving the team dynamics of power, speed and true grit. The new girls are coming on strong, but they need all our support.

Look forward to seeing you all every Sunday leading up to the first USRC Tigers Festival on 30-Oct-16 (Happy Valley?). HKU Sandy Bay Festival on 12-Nov-16 (Happy Valley?) and Flying Kukris Festival on 11-Dec-16 at Kings Park. We’ll be playing in the Kim Lam Cup.

This means that normal festivals are 'past history' and the U11/12 girls are now engaging in a more competitive environment. We play 12 aside with a new forward player at 'Number 8' compared to U9/10G. Contested scrum (push) with Hookers only hooking is the major change to the rules and Kicking,  Lineouts & Mauls are all now in. It’s “Full On”.

The Kim Lam competition has 2 groups A (Cup) & B (Plate). Each team is assigned to one of the 2 groups. Flying Kukris are entered in Group B. In practice this means we are playing generally the second and or some first teams from the major clubs. If we do well in Group B we could be promoted to Group A where it gets much harder. Both Cup and Plate get silverware at each leg of the competition. We will normally play 4 matches of 15 minutes duration; maximum is 60 minutes play time.

Please ask the girls to read the Laws summary and be familiar with the names and distances. 2 push ups for those that don’t know the detail.

Whilst its hot we’ll make use of the tree shading for warm up and drills and limit sun exposure to the minimum; no more than 40 minutes full exposure.

The key message to players is plenty of sleep, good diet, early breakfast and hydration before training and matches. Plenty of water pitch side and lashings of suncream. 

Boots On : Mouthguards In : ATTITUDE !!

Coach Joe

P.S. If anyone has any queries about the rugby please contact me on

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M: 9278 3515


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