Girls Rugby

Flying Kukris play Girls rugby (for those 12 years old and above) in a tournament format with professionally refereed matches against the likes of DeA Tigers, Football Club and DB Pirates. Expect to start with ten a side progressing to full fifteen a side in October. The season starts in September

We currently field a U14G team, a U16G team and a U19G team.

The FK girls had a strong season last year and we plan to build on that. We welcome girls from other clubs who do not have a full squad to join our team. Our girls may also combine with other clubs to form teams if necessary.

Selection for the HK National Teams will start later this year than last though the coaches will be looking for strong candidates from the first session. We have a number of talented players in the FK squads and will be looking for even better representation this year.

The Autumn 2017 season starts again at EdUHK which we will make home for at least 1 more year. Keep your eye on "Training and News updates" . This year, much as last year, matches will be grouped and played at various venues. 

The structure of the tournaments should be more stable this year but make sure you bookmark the FK website. Girls details will also be on Facebook. We don’t have the time to chase you, keep informed.

For those needing transport, the info is here.

A reminder about boots: the guideline for studs is that there cannot be a single stud at the toe, the studs must be less than 21mm long and the studs cannot be worn, abrasive or considered dangerous.

Bring friends, as well as your kit, mouthguards, and lots of water on Sunday.

The more you put into your training, the more you will get out of your matches.

Head of Girls – Tim Woodward

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