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Location & Transportation


For the location of the various sports grounds we use please click the corresponding link below

  • Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)
  • Tin Shui Wai Community rugby ground
  • Tin Shui Wai Sports Ground
  • Football Club (HKFC)
  • Happy Valley (HV)
  • Hong Lok Yuen International School (HLYIS)
  • King's Park (KP)
  • Sandy Bay (SB)
  • Shek Kip Mei Sports Ground (SKM)



We have a bus service from TSW and then running through Tuem Mun, Gold Coast, Tsuen Wan and Tai Po Market. The fare is $15 each way  and the  Contact if you would like to use it is Nigel  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR 98002547


 TSW Taxi standThe first pickup is at TSW West Rail Station Taxi Stop shown above

The second stop is at Seaview Garden at and then on to Aegean Coast, Gold Coast  - other stops to be added as required.

The picture below is the Tsuen Wan stop which is at Exit B3 of Tsuen Wan MTR.

Tsuen Wan bus stop



The Tai Po Market pick-up point is just to the right when you come out of the train station - look for the shuttle buses taking residents to the residences in Tai Po. You need to spot the FK Bus which could be hidden in between the shuttle buses, or making the round about.


If you live elsewhere  and you know of a group of FK players who regularly travel to play rugby on Sunday, and feel that a bus service to EdUHK Sports Centre from your area would help, please also contact Nigel Aveline to discuss the issue.


Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)

- Our usual Sunday morning training ground.

- The centre is automatically closed for a black rain storm warning, T8 or higher; it may be necessary to close it other times for persistent heavy rain.

- Please read the EdUHK SC FK House Rules

The 5.3 hectare Sports Centre is located at 55 Yau King Lane, Tai Po facing the Tolo Harbour.

NB Google Maps may show this as the Hong Kong Institute of Education Pak Shek, but the official name is now Education University Hong Kong


Parking is available at the ground. Please park by the entrance kiosk or, if no space, along the outer edge of the track behind the stands. Don't park on the main road, you'll be nicked.

From Tai Po end, drive passed Tai Po Kau entrance on right, small layby parking on left and look for this turn:

hkied sc leftturn


From ShaTin end, drive passed Sinopec garage and just round next turn look for this turn:

hkied sc rightturn




at the junction of Tin Sau Road (天秀路) and Tin Kwai Road (天葵路)

The Youth teams sometimes have matches here



Tin Shui Wai Sports Ground (TSW)

This is the original sports ground with stadium, next to Tin Wu station at the junction of Tin Shui Rd and Tin Wu Rd. The Tin Shui Wai Festivals are usually held here.
Football Club (HKFC)

There is limited meter parking to the east along Wong Nai Chung Road, otherwise park at Times Square and walk.
Happy Valley 

 ICHK - Hong Lok Yuen
Parking here is limited to a small carpark opposite the school or along residential roads near the school.
King's Park
Several of the Rugby Festivals (for Minis) are held here.There is a small car park inside the grounds next to the main pitch or you can park at the nearby tennis club.


Sandy Bay

Parking here is basically non-existent. There's a very small cul-de-sac just north of the ground, otherwise use the CyberPort but plan on a healthy walk back or use the bus/taxi.

 Shep Kip Mei
This is the home ground for Hong Kong Scottish. There is a car park at the back of the grounds off Nam Shan Chuen Rd


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