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U11 Boys at TM Sharks festival
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U7 at Sandy Bay 2016
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U6 Nov 2016
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U7 at Sandy Bay 2016
U14G at DB Beach Festival 2016
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U16G at DB Beach Festival 2016

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Welcome to the 2017/18 season!

The (new) Astro and the classroom are available on the 20th and 27th August and we plan a “soft” start to the season with HKS coaches running coaching sessions.


Unfortunately the grass is not available until September so we will have split sessions of 9.00 to 10.30 for Minis and 10.30 to 12.00 for Colts.


Registration will be available in the classroom and Membership payments can be made during the above times. For Flying Kukris registration and payment details please click here.


The Tai Po Market bus will pick up at 08:45 and 10:15. At this moment it seems unlikely we will run the Tuen Mun bus for the 20th, but if you need a lift, please email me at [email protected]  


After training on Sunday 20th we have block booked the CORE Aqua park at Lake Egret for a fun packed adventure for the Kukris Minis. The park has loads of inflatable challenges on a fresh water lake with slides, swings, obstacles and the bouncy cushion. The park has space for 90 kids - first come first served - at a discounted rate of $100 per person. The event starts at 11.30 until 12.30. This really is great fun for kids and adults. The Tai Po bus will leave EduHK at 10.45am and call at the park. For more information and to sign up for the Aqua Park, please click here

(Please sign up here even if you have already signed up through your team manager). Unfortunately, participants must be 6 years or older and at least 1 meter tall. The event is only open to paid up members of Kukris for the 2017/18 season so get registered and paid up now. 


The location of the CORE Aqua Park can be found here


Please note the new Membership fee for the 2017/18 is $850 for the first player and $650 for each additional player.


EdUHK Pitch Update

corner view of astro

Currently all looking really good and should be ready for the start of next season. We will have much better surfaces to train and play on, with rugby markings and posts on the new Astro pitch.  This will also provide a local venue for our kids to play competitive matches and watch other rugby fixtures.

With the early start of ESF schools around 14th August, we plan to start kit distribution and a "soft start" of Sunday training (with clinics etc rather than age group training) during August.  We may also "christen" the new Astro pitch with a 28th Squadron match to entertain everyone concerned.

For the start of next season we currently have the options of Grass and Astro on Sunday mornings and possibly Astro some Sunday afternoons.  We also have Astro available on Wednesday evenings for mid-week training.

The new Astro uses “EPDM” infill granules which are not only virgin rubber (rather than recycled tyres etc) but won't get so hot. The grass pitch is currently having new drainage and irrigation pipes installed and will be re-turfed.

new astro pano



Level 1 Referee courses

The HKRU have confirmed dates for Level 1 Referee courses as 30th July (Cantonese), 19th August (English) and 26th August (English).

All coaches, parents and players are encouraged to attend Level 1 Referee courses before the start of next season.  Anyone over the age of 14 can attend the Level 1 Referee course if they would like to improve their skills in this area and contribute more to giving players a fair go on the pitch.

Those interested should contact David, Shelley or Joe to sign up.  Alternatively, they can contact Matt Rodden directly at [email protected]

Prerequisites are completion of Rugby Ready and Laws test on World Rugby ( which everyone is encouraged to complete anyway.  The Club will reimburse the fee on production of their Level 1 Referee certificate. 


 Flying Kukris AGM

The AGM was held on the 14th May 2017 at HLYIS. The weather was good, the curry was great and the pizza was a little late in arriving - we will try to do better next year. 

We would like to welcome Steve Power who has voluntered for the position of Secretary and Andrea Lai has volunteered for the position of Membership Secretary.


The new Committee can be seen here on the Committee page.

The AGM photos can be seen here in our photo gallery.
 A Rising Star

Charlotte Holden 2

Meet Charlotte - Charlotte is only 4 years old and has already been spotted by our Head of Girls, Shelley, for her amazing skills.



 HKS Kukris 25 Feb 17

 HKS Kukris Ladies played USRC the WNL1 Grand Champ quarter final on the 25th Feb 17  Kukris won 26/5. For the full match report click here. The sharp eyed might notice the U16G's Coach, Tom in the middle of the photo. Coach Tom also helps to train the HKS Kukris Ladies Team.


U19G Cup victory 26th Feb 2017

Following on from the HKS Kukris Ladies team win, Round Two of the U19 Girls 7's Tournament on the 26th Mar. saw the combined might of Sai Kung Stingrays and USRC Tigers loose 10 to 7 to the Flying Kukris in the Cup Final - well done Ladies!


Parking at HKIEd - we have received complaints from the EdUHK management about the parking on Sundays. We are NOT ALLOWED to park along the side of the road next to the stadium and also DO NOT block the lower exit. The lower exit is normally closed but is for emergency vehicles. Failure to obey HKIED rules may result in us loosing the ground for training. Please see the map below and note there is additional parking just down the road outside HKIED.

To relieve the parking problem at EdUHK, please use the TSW / Tuen Mun bus or Tai Po bus if possible. These buses are heavily subsidised by the club to encourage their use. If they are not used, we may have to cancel them.

HKIEd car parking


Support HK Scottish as part of their Ball Retrieval Team

As the junior club for HKS, Flying Kukris players in age groups U11 upwards, have the opportunity to support HKS through the Premiership season, by joining the ball retrieval team for their home matches.

 HKS require 8 FK players for ball retrieval per game. Ball retrievers will receive a Hong Kong Scottish T-shirt for the first match and $50 per game.  Although not guaranteed it will work the same way this year, four Flying Kukris members of the HKS ball retrieval team, were selected for ball retrieval duties at the HK Sevens, for the last six years. The HK Sevens ball retrieval team have free access to the stadium, meal allowance, souvenir rugby ball and can meet the players.

If you are interested in joining the ball retrieval team, email me  at [email protected] to let me know (Do not just turn up on the day). I will then contact you later to arrange availability. For more details on dates etc. please click here












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