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 Sponsorship Opportunity – We have a rare opportunity open for a new sponsor for the Club in the 2016/2017 Season. If you or your Company are interested, please write to [email protected] or talk to a member of the Committee.


Sunday Training at HKIEd Sports Centre has now officially finished for the season. Please check back here for updates on the AGM and PLEASE get your application in for the 2016/17 Season - see below for details.


We are now accepting applications for the 2016/17 season.

For the 2016/17 Season we will have a totally different kit design and supplier. Jerseys, for those in U12 and above will have a wider range of fits. All Minis players will be able to have their names factory printed on to the jersey back.

Colts/Girls will be able to choose their jersey number.

For this to work, we must get players for the new season registered and paid up early. We can then concentrate on getting players measured up before the season starts so the kit can be ordered in advance. Please click here for details

Annual General Meeting 2016
As the season draws to a close and as per the Club Constitution  here  we will hold our AGM on the 15th May 2016 at HLYIS. As per normal practice, all currently serving members of the Committee will stand down at the end of the season and thus all positions can be considered vacant.
Those positions are





Head of Minis

Head of Youth

Head of Girls

Head of Seniors

Head of Coaching Development

Should you require any further information on the roles and responsibilities of the positions please follow this link.  Please feel free to contact any current committee member for additional info.

We also urgently need volunteers for the roles of Kit Manager and Uniform Manager.

Currently the following people have indicated they will stand for re-election:

Nigel Aveline – Treasurer

David Holden – Head of Youth

Shelley Bouttle – Head of Girls

Joe Stanion - Head of Minis
Andrew Robertson - Head of Seniors

Nomination forms are available here.The deadline for the submission of nomination forms is 1st May 2016 (two weeks prior to AGM).


It is with great sadness that I wish to inform you that our former U16 player, Jeffrey LAU Chun Hei, who for the current season 2015-2016 was registered with Flying Kukris RFC, passed away on 29 March 2016 due to cancer of the colon. He was only 15 years old.

Jeffrey’s funeral will be held on the evening of 27 April 2016 at Kowloon Funeral Parlour with cremation on the next morning.


For more details please click here. As you may read in the attachment, he had one unaccomplished wish, which as to get the autograph of his idol, Gillies KAKA, of New Zealand All Blacks, who was in the match squad for the HK7s – this was achieved.


The Chiefs Development Team is in town next week and will be running a community development clinic on Friday 22 April, at Kings Park from 1630-1730, with registration starting at 1600.

For the MInis, places are limited to 120  and only available for contact age groups U9, U10, U11 and U12 both boys and girls.

Mini Rugby Registration Form:

For the youth rugby age group (U14, U16 and U19 for both boys and girls),  places are limited to 100.

Youth Rugby Registration Form:

2602 178 4363 

Germany Sevens Squad kicks off with the Flying Kukris at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen!

Hong Kong Sevens newcomers, Germany DRV VII, kicked off their bid to qualify for 2017 HSBC World Series by visiting the Flying Kukris on the morning of Tuesday 5th April for showcase training.


The lucky Kukris enjoyed a fun training session as the young and enthusiastic squad, fresh from their Frankfurt flight the day before, took complete charge. Rotating through stations of agility, handling and game-play, the youngsters showed why the Flying Kukris are a force to be reckoned with.

Manuel Wilhelm, Manager and Technical Director Germany Rugby Union, was full of praise, impressed by the large turn-out, the quality of rugby on display and the community spirit as parents’ smiles beamed almost as broadly as those on their kids’ happy faces.


When quizzed on his team’s outlook for the coming weekend, Manuel replied with conviction “I’m optimistic we’re going to surprise a few people. We love the positive vibe of Hong Kong and are very excited about the tournament”.



Special thanks to International College Hong Kong, Hong Lok Yuen for generously offering us the opportunity to train on their grass pitch.

 2602 138 43232602 174 43592602 187 43722602 193 43782602 194 43792602 030 4216

Please click here to see these pictures and many more on our gallery pages



Look what the U19G brought home on the 13th March from their Sevens Tournament. This was despite the fact they were up against several other combined teams including a team made up of the best of SKS, Tigers and FC with their numerous subs. Flying Kukris was the only team there made up from one club only.

2015 16 U19G 13 Mar


HK Scotish Kukris met HKCC in the Women's National League 1B Grand Championship Final on the 12th Mar. In a spirited and physical, but sporting game HKCC took the silverware, winning 17/7. Although HKCC led 10/0 at halftime, a breakaway try from HUI Man-ling, with Suzie Perry converting, left the game evenly contested at 10/7. However it was HKCC how next scored, leaving the Kukris fighting both the score line and the clock. In spite of repeated Kukris onslaughts, the HKCC defense remained firm, allowing them to take the honors and the trophy.

A big thanks to all the supporters who came down from Flying Kukris and Hong Kong Scottish. You vocal support was greatly appreciated.



2015 16 U19G cup

On Sunday 31st January 2016 the U19G won the Cup in D1 Sevens

For more details and a video of the match click here



First Aid





If you are planning to re-join us, we would ask you to visit the membership page of the  website here  and complete the Membership application form. We also have a Flying Kukris parent help list which we would appreciate you having a look at and seeing where you can help.



Parking at HKIEd - we received a complaint from the HKIED management about the parking on Sunday 6th Sep. We are NOT ALLOWED to park along the side of the road next to the stadium and also DO NOT block the lower exit. The lower exit is normally closed but is for emergency vehicles. Failure to obey HKIED rules may result in us loosing the ground for training. Please see the map below and note there is additional parking just down the road outside HKIED.

HKIEd car parking




28th Squadron (our Old Boys Team) had their first match on the 6th Nov 2015 - read about it here 


Here is an interesting article by Helen Hinton, which has recently been sent to us

How to Encourage Good Sportsmanship in Rugby


And another by Helen on the Benefits of Rugby


Rugby Helps Kids Improve their Confidence, On and Off the Field

Rugby is a great sport for kids for many reasons: it helps improve their physical fitness, as well as other physical skills—but that's not all. It can also be an incredible confidence booster, and a good way for children to learn important lessons that they'll remember for life. 


Physical Fitness and Physical Skills

Playing rugby helps children improve their physical fitness, and this is an increasingly important issue for kids and parents, all over the world. Children in general aren't as active as previous generations of children were, and playing rugby is a great way to counteract this problem. Just as important, the younger they start to get involved in playing sports, the more likely they are to maintain a healthy level of physical activity as they get older.

The physical  benefits of playing rugby go beyond fitness, however. Games like rugby are ideal for helping kids stay active, especially as they get older, but it's also a great way for them to improve essential physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Rugby is a physically taxing sport, and the combination of skills and techniques that the game requires are important for healthy kids to develop.

What Else do Children Gain from Playing Rugby?

It's virtually impossible to overestimate the benefits of playing rugby for children, click here to read more



Nepal earthquake

nepal earthquake

The heartlands of the Gurkhas, whose men have served in the British and Indian armies since the age of empire, have been devastated by the Nepal earthquake.

Some of the villages occupied by the Gurungs, the clan which provides the backbone of the Gurkha regiments, are almost completely destroyed.

As you may know from our Club history page here, the Flying Kukris was originally formed by the Gurkhas. 

We would ask you to donate to the various charities setup to help. unicef (HK) can be found  here:- unicef

a selection of others can be found here

The Flying Kukris RFC have donated HK$10,000 to unicef.


2015 Flying Kukris AGM

Congratulations to all those who won awards at the AGM and many thanks to all the parents who came along and made the AGM a success.
The photos are now available here

Some of the main points at the AGM were as follows:-
Increase in membership fee by HK$50 to cover the cost of the Rugby Union Registration fee of HK$50. The RFU will eventually be issuing photo ID cards to all players, clearly stating their date of birth.
Old Boys Team – We hope to move forward with an Old Boys Team with a plan to play 2-3 matches against other Old Boy’s teams. Alex Yuen will lead this effort.


 Future Club Status - Many rugby clubs such as the Flying Kukris are presently registered as a society under the Societies Ordinance.  Under the Societies Ordinance, there are no provisions to suggest that societies are limited liability entities.  Accordingly, there is a risk that office-bearers, other officers or, depending on the circumstances, members of societies that act or enter into legal arrangements with third parties, purportedly on behalf of the society, may attract personal liability under such arrangements. In practical terms this could affect any member of the club, whether they be the chairman or a volunteer coach.

In recent years, some prominent rugby clubs in Hong Kong have established themselves as companies limited by guarantee.  Companies limited by guarantee are limited liability entities and there is a well-defined and more transparent structure provided for them under the Companies Ordinance, offering better defined responsibilities and protection for those who volunteer to assist with rugby club activities. The Flying Kukris will be now moving in this direction. 

For a really great video of the Flying Kukris at the HK Sevens please click here   or   here


 HKS Kukris Ladies v Football Club Final 

2014 15 HKS Kukris V HKFC final 3

In only their second season the Hong Kong Scottish Kukris made the Women's National League 1 Grand Championship Final. The Kukris finished the league in second place, with a remarkable 12 wins, 2 loses, 83 tries scored and a total of 461 points. This was followed by victories in the Grand Championship Quarter finals and Semi finals, leading to the Final at Hong Kong Football Club against Football Club. However, this wasn't achieved without cost, and several injured players were left supporting from the sidelines, with captain Rachel Fong the most notable omission from the team list. Late fitness tests for Antje Cosgrove (scrum half) and Robyn Beese (second row) further reduced the team, with some positions having to be reworked at short notice. That said, the ladies arrived at HKFC in high spirits, even though their old adversary Club, had home advantage.  

The game started at a frantic pace, with Kukris forced to defend for long periods and seldom out of their own half. However, it was sixteen minutes before Club scored a try, although the conversion was unsuccessful. This play continued, with Club scoring two more unconverted tries. Several times Rachel Fong and Ellie Ngan Kee attempted to break the Club line using their speed, but were unsuccessful. Halftime arrived with the score 15/0 to Club. 

The second half started with Kukris showing new confidence and good teamwork. Amanda Manchester join the pack and was both calming and commanding. Alissandra Crowther, new in her scum half position settled and started to impose. And with the pack more assertive, they were able to win more ball and allow the backs to play, with Christy Tang particularly making an impression. However, it was Club who scored next, with another try. Kukris were not disheartened and good team work made space for Ellie Ngan Kee, who scored under the posts with a trademark darting run. Rachel Fong converted. Kukris continues to attack, with forwards Micaela Jansen, Brooke Amnyauchoke and Sophia Abdelraham particularly impressive and unlucky not to score. As Kukris tired, Club managed to score their fifth and final try. The games ended with a 29/7 win for Club, but with the second half an even contest. 

So disappointment for the HKS Kukris in the last game of the season, but the ladies able to proudly reflect on their team achievement.


For your info the Flying Kukris Photo Gallery which can be found here now holds over 1000  pictures most of which are to a very high standard.

Saturday 24th January was the All Girls Beach Rugby Festival at DB. 

A Flying Kukris Flying Girl! - Who is she?
2015 DB Beach Flying girl



Donation to Philippines RFU

You may remember we donated some unused FK jerseys and shorts to the Philippine RFU a few months ago. The kit was handed over at the Philippines vs South Korea A5N game. A letter of appreciation from the PRFU can be found here. We have recently received the picture below of the kit in action.

Bacolod Rugby




HKS Kukris Ladies 01Nov14

The HKS Kukris Ladies had another good win at The Rock on the 1st Nov over City Ladies


HKS and ball kids 01Nov14

HK Scottish are seen here together with some of the Flying Kukris Ball Retrieval Team after their win over Kowloon on the 1st Nov.




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